Without translation we would inhabit parishes bordering on silence

George Steiner

For your business meetings, conventions, congresses, press conferences, workshops or round tables, rely on a professional interpreter to best represent your company!
The interpreter fills cultural gaps, knows the technical language in depth and conveys ideas and concepts accurately and precisely to the foreign audience.

JCS Language Services provides top-notch interpreting services, taking care of all the details of each individual assignment and ensuring successful communication between the parties.


We provide language support during:

  • Congresses, conferences and seminars
  • Meetings, boards of directors
  • Company audits, production site visits, business negotiations
  • Presentations to investors and analysts
  • Market research, focus groups
  • Training courses
  • Presentations of product lines, fashion collections, literary/artistic festivals
  • Press conferences
  • Recruitment interviews
  • Audio and video conferencing


No, these two terms are often confused; even though they operate in the field of foreign languages, they are two completely different professionals.

The translator works with the written word: he/she translates texts of various kinds exclusively in written form.

The interpreter, instead, works with the spoken word and carries out an oral and “extemporaneous” “real-time” form of translation: he/she has to immediately convey an oral message to the audience in a different language.

Conference interpreting is used in the context of congresses, summits, conferences but also during festivals, conventions, press conferences, workshops, round tables, company presentations and many other types of events.

This type of interpretation includes different techniques. The most relevant are simultaneous, consecutive and chuchotage or whispered.

We will just need a brief description of the event you need to organize to advise you on the type of interpretation that best suits your needs.

Do not hesitate to contact us by writing to [email protected] or filling in the contact form you can find on our website or by calling us at +39 338 8122727

Fill in the contact form by entering all the requested data or write us at [email protected]with the following information:

    1. Dates and duration (general schedule with indication of the expected timing for each day of work)
    2. Exact number of working hours to be covered by the interpreter
    3. Location
    4. Number of participants
    5. Topic Language combination required
    6. Topic Language combination required
    7. Interpreting technique(simultaneous, consecutive, chuchotage, liaison, conference call)

The quotation will be sent to you as soon as possible!

is provided to the interpreters well in advance of the event, so that they can be fully prepared and provide excellent performance.

In order to ensure the success of the service, it is important to provide all the information concerning the event: from the very beginning: topic, language combination required agenda with information on any coffee or lunch breaks, special needs of the speakers, etc., to allow the interpreters to best prepare for the event.

It is also important that theuseful informative material (reports, slides, scripts, etc.) is provided to the interpreters well in advance of the event, so that they can be fully prepared and provide excellent performance.

The correct placement of the booths in the conference room is important to ensure a successful interpreting service.

The ideal location is at the back of the room, behind the audience. When this is not possible, it can be placed along the side wall.

The booths should be placed next to each other so that information and documents can be exchanged between the interpreters if necessary.

Above all, the booths should be provided with a good view of the conference room and allow the interpreters to see all delegates directly, including the speaker’s stand, projection screen, etc.

If, due to the lack of space, the booths cannot be placed in the same room, they may be arranged in an adjacent room equipped with closed-circuit video screens so that the interpreters can view the speakers in real time.

Simultaneous interpreting requires the presence of two interpreters per language in the same booth, who alternate at regular intervals of about 30/45 minutes.

No, we don’t. But, in case of need, we will refer you to reliable companies we collaborate with which provide the necessary equipment and audio/technical support (booths, microphones, receivers).

Of course, our interpreters are available for business trips throughout Italy and abroad. The costs of board and lodging and transport for business trips will be charged to the client.