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Our passion for translation and interpreting, which began at school, soon became a real job, hence the idea of founding and creating JCS Language Services. JCS Language Services is an Italian agency providing language services and operating both in Italy and abroad. Born from a strong professional and personal synergy and from our infectious enthusiasm, we decided to create an environment where to best express our expertise and passion. JCS will support you in foreign language communication with written translations (business documents, technical-scientific articles, financial or legal documents, etc.), oral translation for events or business meetings (simultaneous, consecutive, negotiation, chuchotage or skype call interpreting) and language training (individual or group courses, language proficiency tests).
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‘To do things with words’

J. Austin

We do things with words. This is our mission: to ease communication, to achieve what you want to achieve. Our job does not only mean simply translating words from a language to another, like dictionaries or language manuals. It is not only about lexicon, it is about conveying significance and meaning, cultural and emotional aspects, from one culture to another.

Our goal is to help you say exactly what you want to who you want, using your own words that will become ours and turned into theirs.

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No, these two terms are often confused; even though they operate in the field of foreign languages, they are two completely different professionals.

The translator works with the written word: he/she translates texts of various kinds exclusively in written form.

The interpreter, instead, works with the spoken word and carries out an oral and “extemporaneous” “real-time” form of translation: he/she has to immediately convey an oral message to the audience in a different language.

The unit of measurement we adopt is the Italian translation folder: a folder consists of 1500 characters including spaces. To see the number of characters of our document to be translated just follow this procedure: In Word, go to Tools – Word Counting and consider the figure “Characters (including spaces)”.

The cost of a translation, however, varies according to the desired target language, type of document to be translated, technical nature of the text and urgency.

Our staff will carefully analyze the material you want to have translated and will timely send you a free quotation.

Yes, there is a €40 enrollment fee to be paid each year, at the beginning of the courses (September).